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Each hunting adventure is special, whether its a wilderness high country elk hunt or a moonlit morning in a duck blind.  In either case, rent your hunting gear from American Sportsman Outfitters.  And while you're here, check out our pre-owned hunting gear for sale.



We rent Hunting Gear like NetFlix™ rents movies. Questions? Check out our Rental Process.

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    Pre-Owned Hunting Gear

    We sell Pre-Owned Hunting Gear. Check out our selection!
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  • Canvaswalltent

    Rent Canvas Wall Tents

    We rent the highest quality Canvas Wall Tents for your hunting adventure. Rent a canvas wall tent from American Sportsman Outfitters today!
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    Rent Hunting Packs

    Need a pack that will haul all your gear and then meat at the end of your trip? A cheap pack will not do. Rent one of our hunting packs - they're the best in the world.
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    Rent Optics

    Quality optics are expensive. Rent optics from us and keep the extra money for a trophy mount at the end of your hunt.
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  • Decoys

    Rent Decoys

    Need extra decoys for your duck hunt? Need to add some motion to your spread? Rent decoys today from American Sportsman Outfitters.
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  • Gps%20photo

    Rent Navigation / GPS / Accessories

    Don't let the fear of being lost in the wilderness stall your hunt. Rent one of our top of the line GPS units and start hunting far from the road.
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    Rent Complete Hunting Packages

    Need lots of gear for your hunting trip? Whether your traveling from out of state or trying this great sport for the first time, rent a complete hunting package from American Sportsman Outfitters.
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